Are you moving this year? Here are some tips

If you are joining in on the new world of the hosuing market then you are doing something right.  The prices are never going to be the same again in our lifetime.  It is impossible for lending to get lower due to the interest rate crash.  It is amazing to see but our country is probably goign to go broke and if you are going to be looking at buying a house, now is the time.  So fongratulations, you are now in need of moving. Maybe you just purchased your first home or you are moving away from home for the first time to go to college.  There are so many reasons to move and some are not positive.  Sometimes people need to move for financial reasons and moving is a very hard and scary time due to the cost.  Moving from an apartment has lots of hidden costs and most of the time people never get their deposit back due to the draconian laws in the United States. So I want to go over some ways that you may be able to get moving and not break the bank.  This is not as easy as many people think and sometimes it does take extra time to save money. But no longer is nearly as much needed. 

So even if you think it is silly, I have found from moving a lot of family members this year that probably the most important thing is to get some quality shipping supplies.  That sounds stupid, but it can save a ton of broken items, and broken people.  Now I did just say the goal of this is to get cheap stuff to move and quality and price usually go hand in hand. It is ok to get a little weary at this point but hang in there.  It is possible to go and get quality shipping supplies for free.  First, you have to have the will power to ask a stranger for help.  Yes, most companies and people are happy to help you, but you do have to ask and be willing to be told no.  It is ok for someone to refuse to help, and they have the right and sometimes really good reasons to tell you no. But you must mentally prepare to not be disappointed and give up when you ask for something and people tell you no.  It doesn’t mean they don’t care and it doesn’t mean you should be mean about it. Asking for something for free is not an easy task so here is what you do. 

You can indeed go the old route.  There are tons of them in every major city and most small towns have a Wal-Mart or a large grocery store.  So head over there and ask if you can talk to a manager.  Be polite and wait for one.  Don’t be annoying and demand to talk to a manager.  Once you have one available take a minute to tell them that you are moving and was looking for some help in moving.  Let them know you are not able to purchase new boxes and could use a hand.  Don’t beg but let them know you are actually looking for help and a few boxes or 10 would be a huge help to you.  Most people will help. Thank them one way or the other and move on! Cheap, easy, and usually effective! But buying new is also nice as well. 


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